How Louis Chênevert Found Success

Louis Chênevert’s career spans over three decades. And in each of these decades, the Canadian businessman found success in a variety of different fields. Today, Mr. Chênevert is known as one of the most prominent and accomplished businessmen from three different blue-chip companies.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Louis Chênevert was educated at the University of Montreal where he received a bachelors degree at the affiliated business school, HEC Montreal, in 1979.

After business school, Mr.Chênevert began his career at General Motors where he became the general production manager. It wasn’t long until other companies wanted to recruit Mr. Chênevert to lead their own business divisions. And in 1993, Pratt & Whitney tapped Mr. Chênevert to become their Vice President of operations. It wasn’t long until the company recognized the talents of Mr. Chênevert and named him the President of the company in 1999.

In the next decade, Louis Chênevert proved himself to be an astute leader, helping Pratt & Whitney realize more profit and gain market share. In 2006, one of the largest companies in the world decided to give the Canadian businessman the reins of their company. The company happened to be United Technologies Corporation.

In March of 2006, United Technologies Corporation named Louis Chênevert their chief operating officer, president, and director. As one of the largest manufacturing conglomerates in the world, United Technologies Corporation presented a huge challenge for the Canadian businessman. Mr. Chênevert was tasked with steering the $65 billion company through a competitive global marketplace. In short time, Mr. Chênevert was able to work with stakeholders, workers, and clients to help grow the company across all divisions.

In less than two years, United Technologies Corporation would name Louis Chênevert CEO of the entire company. While at United Technologies Corporation, Mr. Chênevert led the company through the recession of 2008 without a major impact on the firm’s bottom line.

Today, Louis Chênevert is considered one of the most accomplished businessman to come out of Canada. His work with General Motors, Pratt & Whitney and United Technologies Corporation showed that Mr. Chênevert could find success in any area of business.

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