Diplomat Daniel Taub achievements as an a ambassador

Daniel Taub is a former diplomat representing Israel in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub served for a period of 4 years. He was appointed in 2011 and left office in 2015. Daniel Taub is regarded as the best diplomat in the history of the country. He is the one who managed to strengthen the relations between the United Kingdom and his country Israel. Prior to his appointment, he was serving the country in other positions under the ministry of foreign affairs. He is one of the best diplomats that have ever been appointed to represent his country. He managed to work diligently and even performed better than the expectations of the people.



Daniel Taub tenure was characterized by massive improvements in ties between the two countries. The two countries found new areas of interests. There were more areas that the two countries interacted. He made sure that trade business, academia, and cultural interaction among the people of these two countries improved. In his tenure, there was an increase in trade. In fact, in a report that was released before he left office, it showed that trade ties between the two countries actually doubled under his term. He left at a time when the trade deals were going for over $7 billion annually.



Businesses owned by the Jewish community in the country also improved. There was an increase in the number. Daniel Taub left when the number of businesses stood above 3000. This was an accomplishment that was huge for the diplomat. He created a good environment in the country for the Jews to exercise their freedom of doing business. Academia research and cultural interactions also became better. This was a result of more Jewish people visiting the United Kingdom which was deemed a friendly country.



Daniel Taub who was originally born in the United Kingdom was representing Israel in a country that he was born. He described the experience as one that gave him an opportunity to show appreciation to the country where he was born. Daniel Taub was equipped with the requisite knowledge to help the two countries establish a working relationship. As a person who had knowledge of the culture of the two countries, he knew how he would use his position to strengthen the relationship. Daniel Taub is an international lawyer who moved to the Israel in 1989. Most of his education was carried out in the United Kingdom. He is one person who managed to establish very strong relations between the countries of the United Kingdom and Israel.


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