Louis Chenevert Led UTC to Great Success

Good leadership is the key to success. Many business organizations succeed in their endeavor due to excellent and passionate leaders who manage their businesses. Louis Chenevert is among the most ambitious leaders who have completely changed the face of United Technologies Corporation. Louis was born in Quebec in 1958. He studied at HEC Montreal where he attained a bachelor degree in production management.

As the CEO and chairman of UTC, significant achievements have been attained in this company. Louis was dedicated to using his skills and knowledge to the betterment of this company. His mission was to leave the company more successful than he found it. Since he became the president of Pratt and Whitney in 1999, UTC has been making success which most of the leaders have not been able to attain since they joined their organizations. According to Chenevert, investing in the technology as well as the people you are working with is the primary step to success. He believes that investing in the employees will take the company a step further than investing in the right technology.

UTC covers the cost of employees who want to further their education to a more advanced level. Since 1996 UTC has been able to support over 40,000 employees into attaining their degrees. This education program has been of benefit to the workers as well as the corporation at large. The ability of Chenevert to choose potential projects for the company motivated employees to work hard to succeed on those projects. This principle is still valued at UTC, and the current CEO is still using this forward thinking principle in attaining the continuous success of this company despite the competition from the foreign companies.

The company’s success has been brought by the fact that even the less competitive advantage is invested on and taken more seriously. Also, the company also budgets for upcoming technologies making it updated for any technological innovations. Currently, the company is the only supplier of the f-35 engine to the US Navy. Also, UTC remains to be the largest manufacturer of the Helicopters in the United States. The company is well known in the line of heating, air conditioning as well as refrigeration. It is through Louis that this company has been able to attain consistent improvements in its field.

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