Doe Deere, Inspirational Entreprenuer

Doe Deere, the founder, CEO, and inspiration behind Lime Crime, a fast-growing and widely popular cosmetics line, is one of America’s most successful female entrepreneurs. Starting her journey in 2004 as an online fashion designer, Deere launched her own e-commerce based business in 2008 called Lime Crime and has since thrived brilliantly! Learn more:


Inspired as a fashion designer to create vibrantly colored shades of makeup to accompany the designs that she modeled herself online, Deere decided to create her own cosmetics line that would feature all of the bright and unconventional colors that she found difficult to get from anywhere else. Hence, Lime Crime was born!


Founded in 2008, Deere explains that Lime Crime was a creation born out of her passion for beauty, fashion, and a desire to empower her customers to fully express themselves beyond conventional norms. When asked about her product and why she focused on cosmetics, Deere said this: “I think that makeup gives me, and I like to hope other women who buy Lime Crime, the freedom to be myself. The freedom to express themselves without fear of judgement …. we express ourselves by what we put on our bodies, how we do our hair, and what we put on our face.”


While Deere stays true to her art and passion, there’s a lot more that goes into being a successful entrepreneur. According to Deere who launched Lime Crime as an e-commerce initiative, the recipe for running a successful business includes honing and building upon an already given set of skills, adopting a strategy while allowing for risk, and acknowledging that there will be challenges and taking each and every one of those challenges head on. Deere advises young entrepreneurs, above all else, to follow their passion, to look up to role models and heed the wisdom of experienced entrepreneurs before them, and most importantly, to listen. In an article published by, Deere says: “I listen to my employees, my customers, even people who don’t like me – there’s always something to learn if you’re just willing to open up your ears and your mind. ”


Directing, brainstorming, creating strat, and working alongside her creative staff in the laboratory, it’s no wonder that someone as invested in her business as Doe Deere should be named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs with her photo featured on the cover of Self-Made magazine. Whenever given the opportunity, Deere encourages other women and young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, to be innovative, to harness their passion and creativity, and to reach out to her for advice and/or mentoring.


Lime Crime, driven by the powerful and inspirational woman behind it, has evolved from a small online make-up line to a full-blown vegan and cruelty free cosmetics line, headquartered in Los Angeles, with products being sold at different outlets all over the country. Doe Deere is, and continues to be, an inspiration for young girls and entrepreneurs all across the country, leaving a vibrant and colorful mark on this generation.