Roberto Santiago’s Mall is the Best Place to Take Family

Roberto Santiago is a visionary businessman who has accomplished so much in his successful career. The businessman was born in the year 1958 in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. His parents were ordinary people who took him to middle-class schools in the region. After his high school studies, Santiago went to study at the University of Joao Pessoa. The skills he got from the university has played a leading role in his successful career.


After completing his education, Santiago felt that he was ready to venture into the corporate world. However, this did not satisfy him because he always wanted to become a businessman. After several years, he made a great step by starting a cafeteria known as Café Santa Rosa. This is where he tasted the success of his business skills. The money he acquired from the café was invested in several activities. He has also purchased a piece of land from the profits he had earned from the café. The land has benefited him several years because it is the home for one of the largest and most visited malls in the country, known as the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall.


According to the businessman, the reputable mall has an area of more than one-hundred thirty-five thousand square feet. Santiago also says that his mall has enough space that can accommodate more than three thousand vehicles. The spacious facility has earned Santiago a lot of wealth because it is always a bee hive of activities every day. The large mall has several features that draw the attention from tourists and Brazilians from all over the country.


The Santiago Manaira Mall has a bank, schools, game zones, several movie theaters, garden, an equipped spa, a modern gum, salons, banquette halls, ice cream parlors and other modern facilities that are moved by the consumers. People can access the large mall every time of the day. The hall is one of the distinguishing features of the mall. The hall is quite huge, and it is always a bee hive of activities.


The hall is named Domus Hall, and it was completed in the year 2009. The space is mostly used for accommodating different exhibitions, concerts, huge gatherings and any other activity that needs a hall. The two story structure has several structures to meet several demands from the consumers. The cinema theater is also a sight to behold. This is because it has all the activities and equipment needed to make your entertainment out of this world. Since its completion several years ago, the cinema has attracted very many individuals because of its modern equipment. Individuals who love to take their family along love the facility because they always get the facilities that will suit everyone including the kids.