Women in Business: Julia Jackson

In addition to working in their family business, Julia Jackson oversees the operations of a non-profit organization called Cambri Seeds of Empowerment. The organization has a number of empowerment programs that target women in the society. It has started many community projects that have changed the lives of the needy. If anything, the organization has championed for government intervention when it comes to development projects and community financing.

Julia Jackson studied Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art at Scripps College, between 2006 and 2010. During the summer of 2010, she did a short course at Stanford Business School where she was issued with a certificate. After graduating from the college, she immediately joined the family business where she works until now.

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Julia Jackson was born in 1988 when Jackson Family Wines was still a young company. All her life, she has been involved in the running of the business in one way or another. Therefore, she has a lot of experience and invaluable knowledge about the wine business. The brand of wine that she considers among the top in Sonoma is Chardonnay. She sees it as a special type of wine with a unique taste that is suitable for many occasions.

Kendall-Jackson brand of wine is the most famous from Jackson Family Wines. However, there are other brands that the company produces. They include La Crema and Anakota. Julia Jackson has contributed immensely to the growth of the company in the recent years due to her passion for success. She has brought innovation in the organization by coming up with different ways of producing wines using the least possible resources. Her father mentored her in her early days by making her visit different processing zones while on holiday. She grew up understanding how the business is carried out, and that is why she is running it efficiently.