Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Poised to Put Heat on Amazon

Amazon has been sitting comfortably in the driver’s seat as far as online apparel sales for many years. This retail giant is taking in over 20 percent of online apparel sales and miles ahead of the closest competitor. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is in a great position to put some real heat on Amazon, having sold over $250 million in women’s workout apparel in only 36 months. This is not your typical clothing company, and they appear to have the legs to be in this niche for many years to come.


Hudson talks about why her athleisure brand is so popular with women, and what she says may actually surprise many people. The secret to the ultimate success of her brand of workout apparel has to do with membership perks, high-quality, and reverse showrooming. To get a better understanding as to how these work together to drive such incredible sales, you need to look at how these consumers are shopping at the Fabletics stores in the mall. The stores are packed with ladies trying on all those new pieces of active-wear, filling out the Fabletics lifestyle quiz, even taking time from their busy days to just window-shop.


Even though there is a lot of action in the mall stores, the real sales take place at the Fabletics e-commerce site. Part of the benefits to the membership package is you get to see those items that you wore in the mall transferred right to your online account. If those yoga pants and tank tops fit at the mall, you have them in your cart and you can shop the vast online inventory for similar styles, new colors, or the latest releases. When you take the guesswork of picking sizes out of the equation, you are able to enjoy the shopping experience more. That has to be the reason these online purchases are larger than you see at any other clothing retailer.


The Kate Hudson’s Fabletics membership perks do not end there, in fact, you get your own personal shopping assistant, free shipping for online purchases, and even discounts off your purchases. The underlying theme here at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is all about pampering those customers. It looks like it is working because everyday, more and more consumers are going from casual shopper to long-term loyal Fabletics customers and leaving Amazon in the rear-view mirror as a result of all this incredible pampering.