Logan Stout’s IDLife LLC Partners With Garmin To Offer Better Health Solutions

IDLife is a health and wellness company founded by Logan Stout. The company provides a range of customized vitamins and nutrition options tailored to provide a healthy lifestyle for the majority.

IDLife Experience is a program designed for the enterprise to help users achieve a healthy life in just a few months. The program entails three easy steps followed on a daily basis until the client makes the desired results.

The new partnership between IDLife and Garmin seeks to provide customers with the tools required for a successful journey to a healthy lifestyle. Garmin is a global leader in the provision of wearable device technology. The new merger brings a broad range of benefits to IDLife product users that include integration of data generated from Garmin wearable devices to the IDWellness app expected shortly. IDLife customers will also get an opportunity to access the wide range of Garmin wearable devices through IDLife.com.

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Garmin has an experience of more than ten years in production and provision of wearable devices. Its range of products is customized to reflect individual’s requirements. By using this platform, the new partnership seeks to interface IDWellness mobile app and the Index Smart Scale by Garmin. The interface will also feature on the wide range of vivo line activity trackers models. Garmin’s Index Smart Scale expected by the start of 2017 comes with the essential features to record and display the body weight and Wi-Fi connectivity. The new device will also bring in new features to measure the body mass index, skeletal muscle mass and body fat alongside other key health indicators.

Logan Stout founded IDLife in 2014 and led it to become a successful venture in modern times. Alongside his passion for business, Logan also leads as a motivational speaker and author. He carries a robust and clean leadership record that is attributed to his success making him one of the most relished inspirational speakers in his industry.

Previously, Logan was a professional athlete as a World Series player and coach for 17 years. He possesses a strong desire to break down barriers that stand between his quest to achieve and success. He extends the same to others through talks and coaching organized across the globe.

For more information about IDLife at https://www.youtube.com/user/IDLifeOfficial.