Understanding Dick DeVos and his Philanthropic Achievements

Dick DeVos is a member of the extended DeVos’ family that is recognized for millions of dollars it has donated to support various charity organizations in the U.S. Dick and his wife Betsy have take similar path, where their donations have been channeled towards educational and learning institutes. For instance in 2015, the couple donated more than $10 according to information on their foundation’s website. Dick’s wife, Betsy DeVos is also from a family recognized for political and charitable contributions. Out of the total contribution to charity organizations by Dick in 2015, 26% was allocated to education. In addition, their foundation supported other organizations supporting reforms in the education sector.


In an interview with MLive, Dick DeVos explained the family’s committed towards improving the quality of education. He believes the U.S. education system has not helped to achieve American goals at all. He gave an example where children from low income backgrounds were unable to access desired education, and hence the American dream has not been realized. He believes there are some talented educators and administrators who can help kids access quality education if the system is changed. The aim of DeVos’ family is to give donations that help and transform the life of individuals directly.


In 2012, the family established West Michigan Aviation Academy, and last years, the first group of 15 licensed pilots graduated. One-third of students admitted at the school are economically disadvantaged, while close to 40% are in the minority category. The entrepreneur said that students at the school are performing very well, and that is a sign their lives will be transformed in coming days. Besides education, Dick DeVos and his wife have also sponsored Art and Culture programs. DeVos is believed to have donated more than $2 million towards art and culture initiatives in 2015. Dick’s family has also donated to Willow Creek, a popular church in Chicago to facilitate the global leadership summit hosted at the church. The event is attended by professionals, businessmen, church leaders and also the government.


Career and Personal Life of Dick DeVos


Dick has served in different executive positions since 1993 to date. Currently, he serves as the President and CEO of Windquest Group, an investment management firm. Between 1993 and 2002, he worked at Amway, a company that was operating in 50 nations and six continents. He also worked for Orlando Magic as the CEO and President. Orlando Magic was acquired by his family in 1991. Dick graduated from Northwood University, and he is a qualified helicopter and aircraft pilot. Besides his businesses, Dick is involved in healthcare improvement initiatives, to support individuals who are unable to access affordable healthcare. Indeed, his philanthropic activities have assisted many individuals to improve and change their lives.