The Best Horror Anime: Shiki


Anime has many great horror stories and series within the genre. It is hard to pick a single one as the best, but for the best horror anime the TV series Shiki tops lists of fans, fiction lovers, and animators alike. It takes some familiar twists from horror tales, but reinvents them for the modern age.


Shiki is the horror stories adapted from Fuyumi Ono. What makes Shiki scary is thematic, as it explores the boundaries separating human beings versus monsters. It is the story of a fifteen year old girl named Megumi Shimozu. She unwittingly becomes the harbinger of an ancient lineage that God has abandoned on Earth called the Shiki. This means good old vampires, but not the same ones from tales cryptic and rehashed in much modern film work. These vampires are entwined with the path of human beings on this planet.


She has dreams of glamorous city life and fame, until her unexpected death in a village. This marks a cataclysmic time for a terrible hot summer epidemic that rages throughout the season. The town of her death is Sotoba, others in the tales watch as it becomes a vampire ghost town. As the Shiki grow in power, the story evolves and the humans must face their place on a new Earth beginning. The premise is simple, yet becomes more intense as the stories evolve.


Shiki is a masterpiece of 90s anime horror. It stands alone in the genre, but is sure to be a cult classic for fans and fiends in the future of the genre.

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