Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Grabbing Market Share, Despite Amazon

It’s no secret that Amazon dominates the e-commerce fashion market. The company dominates most e-commerce markets but are especially successful when it comes to clothing, thanks to their access to all the top brands and streamlined shipping services. They cut out the middle man, making it a much cheaper option than purchasing in the store. There are some companies that are finding ways to succeed, though. One of these companies is Fabletics.


Fabletics is a subscription-based activewear company that has had a lot of success since its founding in 2013. One of the company’s founders is Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson. She has utilized her fame and social media marketing skills to grow the brand, leading to 35% growth on average annually.


The company has used its ability to bring an innovative approach to retail stores through the 16 stores scattered around the United States. Thanks to their success, it plans to open even more in the coming years. Why are these stores performing well while their counterparts are closing all over? Here are few of the most important reasons why.


  1. Innovative Data Analysis – It’s no secret that e-commerce clothing companies use internet metrics to cultivate their product offerings and marketing strategy. Fabletics is doing this is an entirely new way. They take the data from people that are shopping online and apply it to stocking the physical stores.


All of the Fabletics stores take localized data and apply to their buying, preventing products from just sitting there without being purchased. This is valuable because it increases the efficiency of how the retail space is used. Dead space can be disastrous.


  1. The Membership Program – The membership program is even helpful on the retail level. A high percentage of the people that shop in Fabletics stores are either current or future members, giving the store the opportunity to let them choose something they like in the store and then go home and purchase it online. This prevents showrooming which occurs when consumer goes to a store and finds what they like only to go home and search for it at a lower price online. Stores are losing money hand over fist because of this practice.


  1. Fabletics Provides a Quality Product at a Great Price – This is no secret, but plenty of companies fail to do this. Part of the reason for Fabletics growth is the returning customer base. These customesr are also one of their greatest marketing tools and are an essential tool for the company when it comes to picking up new customers. A great organic marketing campaign is just as effective for e-commerce as it is for retail commerce.


Fabletics is certaily not the lone company taking its market share in the face of the dominant force that is Amazon. All of the companies having success in this arena have one thing in common. They provide a niché product in an innovative way. This seems to be the answer to the question going into the future for fashion companies trying to compete in the e-commerce market.

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